The chapter I wrote today was 2373 words. This is shorter than average over the first ten chapters, but not the shortest one.  I'm 290 words shy of 30k and calling that Close Enough to be happy with my weekend's output.


I only wrote about 1k today, but even if I didn't have hockey to watch now, I think I'd have stopped here. My favorite character is pretty much gutted right now.

One might think being the author's favorite is a good thing. But what it really means is that when she thinks to herself, "There should be more suffering going on," there is a high likelihood that your name will be the first one that pops into her head. Trust me, you want your author to be less fond of you than I am of this character. You don't want to be the first thing she thinks of in the morning. You really don't.

In contrast, here's an amusing graphic from an upcoming book from Rebellion Publishing called Campaigns & Companions.


Today I wrote 3357 words, which explains why my brain feels a little too mushy to write much about having written. I've completed 8562 words this week, which I feel is doing pretty decently. My total word count for the project is now 25,858.

I have finished nine chapters. My current outline has 43, but I seem to be more prone to consolidating chapters than adding them at this point, so that doesn't necessarily mean that I'm looking at something like 110,00 for my total. The only reason being on schedule to create a book over 100k makes me nervous is that I traditionally add a lot more in future drafts than I take out. I'm not sure if that will be true in this case or not. On one hand, I am doing a lot of telling rather than showing in describing actions and reactions, so those sections are going to get expanded later when I go back and turn things like, "Her expression was one of heartbreak," into much longer sentences displaying what that actually means. On the other hand, there seems to be a lot of banter that's expanding the universe but might be able to be written more tightly once I get the concepts fully fleshed out in my mind.

I expect to write a decent amount over the next two days as I will be Home Alone with only one hockey match to watch. I expect I'll make it to 30k unless something unexpected happens, like if I decide to binge the new liveaction Winx show on Netflix instead of writing or if the house is hit by a tornado or something. (One of these examples is much more likely than the other.)


Over the last two days, I completed 3665 words to reach the end of the sixth chapter of the new reboot and bringthe total word count up past 17,000. My outline has 44 chapters in it, which might make the book a little on the long side if my chapters don't start trending shorter. I'm going to try not to worry about that right now, though. I can always cut things in revision. Or expand them and make More Books if that seems like the better approach. There's been a lot of character introductions and world building going on, but I think most of the length is coming from my characters feeling talkative. I'm not upset about this. I've always felt dialog is the most fun part of writing.


I seem to have written about 2600 words today to end chapter five at 3624 words. They were Maggie-words, too, which take twice the energy of anyone else's words. Definitely stopping for the day.

Book total word count so far: 13,632


 Wow. It's really been a while since I updated this, huh?

I wrote some shorts during my silence and completely outlined another reboot of Faerie Story. The first book is detailed down to the scene and while the following two are more broadly plotted. And I'm now eleven thousand words into actually writing said reboot.

Yesterday I wrote 2.5k without breaking a sweat. Today I'm at 998 and exhausted. Part of the difference, I think, is that today's work followed the character with the anxiety disorder. She's just more draining to write than the others, which makes me glad I switched from her being the first-person narrator and am now going with a third person that spends a lot of time focused on other people.