I now have three full chapters and two "chorus" sections of the Faerie Story restart. I have posted them to my facebook group for Betas, but should probably ping a few people who aren't there as well. If you want to volunteer to read them, drop me a note with your email address and I'll happily share it in exchange for honest feedback.

I stand now at 7607 words. It's hard to say what point of the original I'm up to. I added some stuff, including an entire chapter focusing on a character who wasn't in previous versions, but I also cut a bunch. I realized there was a lot in the early chapters that really could be cut, so I've cut it. I am around were I was at the 10688 in the last draft, but I have skipped introducing someone I want introduced, so one of those scenes is going to get added.

In other news... My house is still full of people all day! It adds challenge to the whole getting-into-a-writing-headspace thing. I think having a big project to focus on is going to help me, although I will need to be sure not to be too upset with myself over days when I don't get much if any work done.


The COVID 19 pandemic has been affecting me, as it has most people on the planet. In my case, it's added a lot of extra anxiety, heightened my ADHD symptoms, made sleep really hard to find, generally sapped my creativity, and removed almost all of my alone-time.

At the start of it, I was trying really hard to post a lot of book reviews. That fizzled. I hope to get back to it soon, but only have so much energy.

Then I decided I'd start a new season of Wording Wednesday early. I wrote one week fine but have now spent two weeks on the second prompt and haven't finished it. I'll probably post a new prompt tonight anyway, although the idea of going to look for ne seems somehow depressing.

I do have a project I'm not despondent about, though. Over the last month or so, a slow realization about Faerie Story dawned. I realized that a large part of my struggle with the rewrites came from being locked solely into one character's POV. What, I started to wonder, would happen if I abandoned the first person present tense of my other novels and tried to do this one in third? Using the same omniscient yet focused narration of my recent short stories, I have restarted the novel.

If nothing else, rewriting everything has really helped me see exactly how slow the original opening was. I'm now dropping Interesting Things much earlier, which I hope will help the pacing considerably.

I only started this rewrite a few days ago and I'm not trying to rush with it. I have two full chapters and the start of a third, comping out to just over six thousand words.

I wrote two thousand completely new words today. Chapter Two focuses on a character who wasn't in previous drafts, a barista who is being recruited by the anti-faerie faction. I'm now really tired and realizing I didn't take my ADHD meds this morning. But I feel better about Faerie Story than I have in a long time.