I wrote this several days ago, but apparently failed to post it. Such is life with ADHD...

Over the month since I last posted here, I have written several short stories.

The most recent was The Ghost of the Claw Machine, a story that had me returning to the world of Shadow in which my novel I'd Rather Not Be Dead was set. The new narrator (Drew's daughter, perhaps?) works with a new friend to help a ghost move on from Shadow in a tale of sisterly love with a hint of romance.

In Eeshkiks Last Watch a group of aliens just want to slack off and finish their stint monitoring Earth while doing as little work as possible. Unfortunately for them, the humans below have other ideas.

The Queen's Holy Orb features three gnomes, two dogs, and one holy object. When their errand for the church goes sideways thanks to a pair of gigantic canines, a team of delivery gnomes must figure out how to get the blessed orb back so that they can get it to its new home.

With those three entries, I have completed the fourth season of Wording Wednesday. I'm about to start a MasterClass taught by the renowned Margaret Atwood. I'm told it has writing exercises and I will likely be sharing those over on the story blog. I may use this blog to summarize what I learn.