This week, I wrote and posted a new short story, Roll for Initiative, about a D&D Dungeon. As in a dungeon in which D&D is played. It was a lot of fun to write and I hope people like it.

I also wrote a review of The Bedeviled Series by Shani Petroff that you can find on Andy Reads Things. It's a Middle Grade series about the daughter of the devil and the comical mishaps her supernatural powers lead to when she tries to use them to fight against the evil that is middle school. I also read Just Juliet by Charlotte Reagan this week, but haven't gotten the review up for it yet.

I have not worked on Faerie Story at all. I feel I need to fix that. Most of the month thus far has been eaten up by illnesses, mine and those of family members, but I'm hopeful next week is going to look better than recent ones.


I've been either sick mysel or caring for sick people since New Year's, but I've written two short stories in that time frame anyway. The first, Defender of Earth, was a tale of a girl who goes to a Chinese buffet and is offered the chance to save the world. The second, The Chess Kitties, is a story about two cats, one chess board, and a mission from God.

I was told Defender of Earth was a bit dark, but I don't think anyone will say that about Chess Kitties.