Over the last few weeks, I've written 22,677 new words before including anything from the last version of the book despite the fact that I was calling this a revision not another do-over.

How did this happen? Well... I started with a new opening scene that introduced new roles for two of my leads and a new subplot that all three will be involved in. So the opening chapter was something that hadn't been in the previous version. It led directly to the second chapter, which was also completely new. At this point, I wanted to introduce our third lead, which meant a completely new scene/chapter with him.

I now went back to the first two characters, covering stuff that had mostly been in the last version but presented differently enough that just ignoring what I had and doing it over made more sense. That brought me to the end of Chapter Five.

While writing the new third chapter, I accidentally replaced a character. This is a good thing as the anti-fae group will be both more plausible and more mysterious now, but it meant a new chapter popped up. The chapter fleshes out some stuff that either wasn't covered but should have been in the last version or which was explained but later, so some of that adds words to the final word count while others will just be replacements, but none of it could be lifted from what came before.

Today I worked on chapter seven. The first scene of it was actually in the original, but was different enough that I ignored the first version and wrote a new scene. But the second half of the chapter? It was the second half of the original Chapter Four! And the next two chapters should also just be edits rather than completely new. Huzzah! (I can't really explain why I'm sorry excited about this, but I am. Perhaps because I am growing fatigued?)

Am I worried about the fact that it's taken me seven chapters to get to where I was after four previously? Eh. Yes and no. I'm concerned there hasn't been enough interaction between the characters so readers might think I'm taking too long to get to the point, but I think it's alright as I believe I'm setting up interesting things, and also that it's obvious the characters are connected. Also, as I said earlier, some of the extra material will result in cuts from later so it doesn't necessarily mean the book will be nearly twice as long. In fact, it really shouldn't mean that as the new subplot is half over already and I haven't gotten to the one I'm cutting yet.

After the next sequence, I have a chapter that I don't know works anymore but which might be lifted content tweaked, although I may also come up with something new. Then there's a chapter that's half something from near the end of the old book and half something new. And then I will have to go back to completely new content as the subplot introduced in the new first chapter will be coming back into play. That's going to be three chapters or so before returning to previously presented material.

Clearly, I have an outline for the next chunk of novel. I'm less certain what happens then. The replaced character is going to lead to several chapters being completely rewritten, but I think most of the original will edited more than rewritten in the second half of the book. Still working out a couple of, "wait, why did that happen?" things that might change that, though.

All in all, the month is productive, though progress has been both slower and more painful than I might have hoped. I hope this will continue and I'll have something I can share with betas in a month or two.

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