I'm trying a new progress tracker to get a more graphic look at my progress. I told it I wanted to finish 120k between Jan 15th and April 15th. (Approximately the end of ski season.) It then decides how many words I need per day to reach that, so I can easily see if I'm on track or not. As you can see in this graphic, I am doing well so far. I'm at 33,116 and pace would be 25,547. That's good, because ski season could end earlier than my guesstimate and my house would suddenly get much louder. :)

Today I wrote 3,406 words after declaring, "I'm going to go do something awful to Vil now. No, he doesn't deserve it. Not in the least." I'm happy with the words for the most part, but feel they don't end their chapter very well. Hockey came on, though, and, also, getting a better closing line in is something that can happen in revision if one doesn't occur to me before it's time to start the next chapter in the morning.

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