I finished a short story today, after having started it Saturday and not touched it yesterday. It's the last short story I'll be writing until May. It's a little different from my usual style, being written in third person rather than first. I enjoyed writing it though, to the point that I'm considering doing the book I'm giving next month over to in third.

You can see it over on my story blog at Andy's Stories: A Gift Returned.

I also plan to get some revising done on Faerie Story Book 1 today. I'm going back to the start to add some things that Chapter 23 made me realize I needed to add. My hope is to get through this revision of the whole book by the end of the month so that I'll be free to participate in Camp NaNo WriMo with a completely different project.

Overall, I'm feeling good about today, and that's always something to take note of and be happy about.

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