I just added 1229 words to my current "short story." It's now at 2895 and less than halfway done at most. Thing is, I'm thinking that I don't want to come up with a quick resolution here. I think I might want it to be an actual novel.

If it is a novel, then I may have been moving too quickly so far because I've already solved the most major understanding my main character had with the love interest. But if it's a short story, then I'm taking too long to solve the problem of the approaching giant ice creatures that my characters are currently sailing out to try to talk to. And I'm still not sure what the ice creature's problem is if it's something that can be dealt with quickly... (It doesn't have to be resolved, just reach a point where the resolution is a clear path forward. But still...) I'm thinking it seems a lot easier to make this the opening of something at least novella length than to try to cram it down.

The first novel I ever wrote was supposed to be a short story, so it's not like I've never done this before. It's one of the downsides to writing things without an outline.

So... Yeah... My current leaning it to put this aside until after I can get Faerie Story Book 1 fully revised, then maybe letting myself spend April doing Camp NaNo WriMo making this ice creature story a novel. I'm even giving the novel a working title: Polar Currents.

In the meantime, here's the picture that spawned all this:

It's called "Icebearg" and is by Jerry LoFaro.

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