Thursday, March 7, 2013

DST Should Die

Twice a year, the majority of the United States is forced to change their clocks.

It's been happening nationwide since World War II, but why do we do this? Most people really aren't sure. Some say it has something to do with farmers, but farmers base their day on the sun rather than the clock, and they're at least as annoyed by this as everyone else. Some say it's so kids can get to school in more safety, but that's obviously false as the changes aren't tied to the school year and the accident rates increase around the changes. Maybe Congress knows, as they're the ones who keep telling us to do it, but if so, they're not telling.

What this leaves is a system no one can explain a reason for but which very few people support. Yes, there are people who say DST is great because the sun stays up later. There are also people who would prefer the sun to be up an hour earlier. What everyone agrees on is that switching back and forth makes no one happy. So, let's pick one and stay with it, folks!

How do we do that? There's a petition on to force to the White House to at least make a statement about the issue. Additionally, you can write to your state representatives in Congress. (See if you need help with that.)  ALSO, while the federal government sets the dates for the time switches, there's nothing forcing your state to go along with it and not all of them do. If you're in the majority of states that do recognize DST, write to your state government and tell them to stop this nonsense. If enough state governments start ignoring DST, maybe the federal government will too.

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