Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Am Kickstarting!

At long last, my book is almost in print! Almost! (And you can pre-order it here!)

The editing is complete, we've got a really awesome cover in the works, and all signs point to me being able to wave a physical copy of this bad-girl around before Christmas. Yay! (And you can wave one too if you pre-order it here! ;)

The whole process really hasn't been easy on me or my mental health, but I'm trudging along like a good little writer. I even made a video. A video, people! And you know what? Turns out recording video sets off every social phobia and anxiety issue I have. But I did it. And I've been told I don't look too much like someone on the verge of passing out from nerves.

I've got some really neat rewards for the folks who help me out, beyond simply making the universe a better place and getting a new book. There are also homemade bookmarks just like my favorite one and these nifty custom-designed-by-me necklaces...

So, check it out. (Did you miss the link? It's here. :) And tell your friends. And your friends' friends. And those people who live up the street and they're not really your friends but you remember them being all excited about the curling last Olympics. Or, heck, tell some curlers. ::g::

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