Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This Is An Announcement

Sometimes I find I have too much to say to say anything at all.

I've been going through a bout of that lately, as you may have noticed. Lots of thoughts, lots of issues, lots of insecurity... Few words.

My husband has orders. We're moving back to the East Coast this spring. I knew it was coming, but I wasn't ready for it. I have months to come to terms with it, but it's going to take longer than that. It took me over thirty years to find somewhere I felt at home, but I did in Washington. And now I'm leaving...

That wasn't what I sat down to write about though. I have much less bittersweet news to share with you... Some of you know already because I've leaked it on G+ and in emails and in person, but here's the official announcement:

I am independently publishing PRIDE, PREJUDICE, AND CURLING ROCKS this curling season!

It's exciting and scary and... Well, mostly it's those things. But I think I'm happy about it.

You may be wondering why I decided this. It's no secret that I was looking for an agent for the book to take it in a traditional direction. What happened?

Well... Many awesome agents asked to read to my story and wrote back seeming to honestly have enjoyed it. But none of them thought they could sell it.

Fair enough. The publishing climate's pretty tough right now. But, you know what? I think I can sell this book. Not to Scholastic or anything, but to a decent number of people who will enjoy it. I think the people I wrote this book for are going to be able to find it after I make it available to them, and they're the people I care about.

This decision really has me feeling much more free than before and much less pressured. Which is odd since I have so much more that I personally am responsible for now, but I never claimed to make much sense. And I'm not alone. I have an editor who knows her stuff, I have friends, and I have a community of author-pals who have been through this before. And I have my book, which I think is pretty amazing. :)


Jean said...

Sorry to hear about having to move back East. I never wanted to leave my first duty station in Montana, but I never got anywhere near there again after I left.

Congratulations on your decision for the book. I think you may be right about having an audience for it but just not a large enough audience to attract a traditional publisher.

Best of luck -- with the book and the move.

Andy Brokaw said...

Thanks, Jean! :)