Sunday, September 25, 2011

This is Adventure. Really!

Okay, so remember my announcement? Not the bit about moving, because I do that all the time and so what? The part about independently publishing my book?

Well, I'm working on that. And while I'm working on that I thought I'd share some of my process with the world. Not that I expect the world to be interested, of course. But maybe someone in the world will be.

There are a lot of things to consider when publishing one's own work and the right answers are going to be different for everyone. Yeah, I know that's lame. Doesn't make it less true. So remember that I'm not trying to tell anyone else what to do, I'm just saying what I'm doing.

There are a few things that I knew for certain when it was still a matter of "If I publish this..." rather than "Now that I'm publishing this..."

The first was that I want it professionally edited. Luckily, I know freelance editor Cassandra Marshall. Not only does she offer reasonable rates, but she's been cheering PRIDE, PREJUDICE, AND CURLING ROCKS on since she first learned I was outlining it. Also, she provided incredibly valuable feedback as a beta reader, so I know she gets this book. (And I've beta read for her, which makes me comfortable that she can work with my style even though her voice is different from mine.)

The second was that I want both print and e-editions. E-editions because this is the Twenty-First Century, and dead-tree ones because it makes me jump and clap in delight to see a new curling book in my club store and I want to give that feeling to other people. :) And I want DRM-free e-editions because DRM is against my religion. (No, not really. But kind of.)

And the third thing... Um... Maybe there were only two things.

Oh! Yeah, I want a cover. But I'm not sure what I want on it. Cassandra and my beloved are working on it though. (While I feel like a Very Bad Client for having so little clue what I actually want.) In fact, Jimmy is working on the photos he took for it right now. Which has me all distracted from what I had been pondering when I started writing this, which was all about whether this project is going up on Kickstarter.

I think it is, because that seems like a good way to raise pre-awareness and to get my audience involved early. Also, it would be nice to be able to pay Cassandra, the ISBN people, and such without having to tell my kid we're going to skip Christmas so Mom can publish her book. (He doesn't even like this book, although he is a fan of my serial.)

I've been looking at the other writing projects on Kickstarter and trying to figure out what makes a book more successful there. I know what makes me willing to look at a pitch and what makes me consider donating to it. But I'm not seeing too much correlation between that and which projects actually make their goals. From that, I'm surmising that either a.) people browsing Kickstarter for books have different criteria than I do OR b.) people don't browse Kickstarter looking for books and books that get funded there are funded because the author makes the sell elsewhere and directs people to the Kickstarter page.

What am I going to do with this information? I have no clue. But I'll let you know when I figure it out...

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ananda.tashie said...

While I have nothing useful to add, I'm incredibly excited for you. :)