Sunday, August 14, 2011

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

So, you may have noticed I stopped posting from Vegas...

There are three main reasons for this:

1.) My data connection was incredibly sub-par absolutely everywhere I went, making it very frustrating to upload things.

2.) I didn't have enough time to myself to rest, let alone form thoughts.


3.) It was just too dang hot.

I believe we've covered this before, but I can't function when it's hot. And Vegas? Yeah, it's as hot as you've heard it is. The coolest day we were there, the high was something like 105. Inside is nice, but chaotic, which is also tiring. And every time I tried to lay down, someone came up with something else for me to do. Somehow, that thing was never, ever "Write a blog post."

So... Here's my highlights...

Thursday, the whole family saw The World Famous Popovich Comedy Pet Theater, a performing troupe comprised of a Russian clown, a ballerina, some acrobats, and a lot of rescued shelter pets. I'm not sure if they're really world famous, but they are very entertaining and it was clear that the animals were having fun showing off for us even though they do it every day


Friday, Kiddo and I got ourselves out of bed as early as we could to visit Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. Which isn't really a secret... The Mirage has signs up about it all over the place... But it is an awesome place to get close to dolphins and catch glimpsed of some really big cats.

The facility is educational and the dolphins are not trained to perform tricks, but they do play and some of them clearly want attention.

(This lovely lady just jumped out of the water on her own and started posing for pictures.)

After that, we met up with some friends who had rented a car and checked out The Pinball Hall of Fame. Unlike other halls of fame I've been to that had a bunch of photos and stuff to gawk at, the Pinball Hall of Fame is not only filled with pinball machines, but with pinball machines you can actually play. Not only that, but the cost was whatever pinball games had been going for at the time each machine was made. Nice!

Sadly, Saturday wasn't as successful a day. Our friends drove us to the Hoover Dam, which is really neat. But Kiddo had a panic attack on the Tillman Bridge because the height scared him and then one of our friends got sick from the heat. (The kind of sick that means you have to go up to a window and explain that your friend was ill and someone needs to clean it up...) I didn't take any pictures of that...

It was actually really weird to not be the person freaking out over heights or having heat problems. It wasn't that I was fine with the heat, it was just that I didn't feel any worse than I had all week. Which was exhausted and dizzy and kinda nauseous, but I was pretty used to it.

Our flight was at 2:30 the next afternoon. It took off just after midnight. Yeah, that was as fun a day as it sounds. We got home just as our neighbor was leaving for work.

I'm still recovering.

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