Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Reason Summer Makes Me Sad.

So, you've probably gathered by now that I don't like summer much. It doesn't just make me sad, it makes me SAD. As in seasonally depressed.

The days are too long for a night-lover. There are too few clouds for someone who doesn't thrive in sunlight. It's too warm for someone who has trouble thinking when it's over about 17C (63F, IE a degree over where I set the thermostat in winter).

But worst of all... Most of the activities I enjoy Go Away. The ski lifts stop running, the ice rinks melt, and the odds of being able to have a snowball fight are pretty darn slender.

And it's not just the activities I miss. It's the people I do them with. Here's an example of why...

(Yeah, yeah, musically it's... a little painful. But it's fun and full of the humor that I've come to expect from the members of my curling club.)

Happy 50th Anniversary, Granite! Can't wait to be curling again in the fall!

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