Monday, June 27, 2011

The Voices That Control Me From Inside My Brain Say I Shouldn't Kill You. Yet.

The following is an excerpt from an email I sent a friend about her manuscript, which I'm supposed to be reading. She said it was the most interesting email she's received in a while, so I decided to share it. :)

Um... Hey...

So, I opened your book yesterday and had this conversation...

Me: Yay! Melody's book!

My Eyes: No.

Me: But... What?

My Eyes: We're not reading this on a back-lit device.

Me: Well, I'm not paying to print it out. And you do want to read this,

My Eyes: Yes, of course we do. But what happened to us getting an
e-reader? I mean, Wendy said she'll have a new book for you to beta by
next weekend too. You don't really expect us to read two full novels in a
row on this stupid little phone, do you?

Me: Um...

My Eyes: It is our half birthday, you know...

Me: Really?

My Eyes: Yes... And the new Kobos are out. You like those. They're light
and non-propitiatory and NOT BACK-LIT. Don't we deserve Pearl e-ink?

Me: Well...

My Eyes: It's the 21st century, you know.

Me: Yes...

My Eyes: And Jimmy already said you can have one if you really want it.

Me: Yes...

My Eyes: And it's not like you're too old to adapt to new technology,
right? You're only 34 AND A HALF. Exactly. Because it's your half

Me: I guess...

My Hands: We've forgotten how to hold really thick books, so if you're
ever going to read Game of Thrones, you really need an e-reader.

My Head: And I second the e-ink thing. When our eyes are unhappy, so am I.

Me: *sigh* Who am I to argue with multiple body parts?

My Eyes, My Hands, and My Head: Exactly! Let's order...

So I'll have my first dedicated e-reader sometime in the next few days. (*looks at doorstep* No, not yet.) Why did it take me so long to get one? It has a lot to do with DRM, hatred of lock-in, fear of losing my books to technology advancements or failures, and stuff like that. But I've been doing enough beta reading lately that even if everything I read on the device is pre-published, I feel justified in getting it.

I'm excited. I hope my new shiny and I will be great friends. :)

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