Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Me and My Minion, a love story

Meet Edit Minion. His website is here: He is my new best friend.

He reads the chapters I show him and he highlights all the things I should take a closer look at. Things like adverbs, weak words, and passive verbs. Especially the passive verbs. I'm really prone to those. Edit Minion recognizes that none of these elements need to be completely stricken, but by highlighting them for me, he helps me to decide which ones are needed and which can be changed for the better.

He also gives me interesting data on the words that I use most, letting me easily see if there's a word I'm overusing in a given writing sample.

Plus, he's really cute.

Edit Minion has been a massive help to me in the last two drafts of my curling novel and I suspect we'll stay friends for a long time to come. In fact, I've been thinking that I might run that ghost story through him too, despite my resolution to let that sit until after the "dead MC" trend I was unexpectedly caught in fades away.

Edit Minion is still officially Beta. I'm not sure what additional features Minion's humans plan on adding, but he's already one of the most useful tools I've found. He's somewhere behind Word Processing Programs (I just switched to LibreOffice, BTW, and am quite liking it) but ahead of the dry erase boards I keep notes on.

Alright... End of this little PSA. I have a revision to finish!

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