Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm Old

Oh, dear. My son has his first blog! That makes me old, right? Like truly ancient?

Okay, so he's not doing it all on his own. It's under my profile and I set it up, though he directed me. And, yeah, I typed his first entry. (A short story about a magic snowman.) The story really was his though. I kept him from rambling at times and cleared up a few sentences, but the plot was one hundred per cent kiddo's and so was the idea to write a story today and put it on a blog in the first place.

Our attempt at writing a NaNo novel didn't do well. We got too far behind too early thanks to traveling and never really found our groove. But today has given me renewed hope for my child as a writer. Although... I do fear he's better than I am! He's certainly better than I was at age nine. But that's okay. Maybe being the mother of a best selling author will help me get published one day. :)

Check out kiddo's first entry here: The Snowman.


Rory said...

Ok, I must know... How many grammatical corrections did you make? His grammar and spelling are excellent. I think most high-schoolers can't write that well.

Andy Brokaw said...

Well, he told me what he wanted said and I typed it, just not always word for word. So I'm not sure how much I corrected. Enough not to feel bad for taking co-writer credit. BUT, he could have done it with a different partner and I couldn't have. The ideas were his. :)