Friday, August 6, 2010

Oops. Did I do that?

The Phineas and Ferb soundtrack was playing. It's energetic and fun and it makes me want to move, so I decided to do something productive. I'd put away the dishes!

The end result was this:

Sad, isn't it? It was one of my favorite and most used dishes. Pretty and the perfect size for pasta. I still have three of them, but I use them in pairs. The loss of this poor bowl means I will have to do dishes more often. Which increases the odds of this happening to other innocent dishes.

Note that I didn't drop the bowl. That would have resulted in in shattering. I know because I've dropped plenty of bowls. I've also broken things by smashing them into the side of the sink or the faucet, mostly back in the days when I didn't have a dishwasher. This was the first time I broke one by hitting the side of the cabinet as I was trying to put it away though. I think.

So now I present number two in my series on People Not To Confuse With Andy...

Anthony Gatto

I can see how confusion could occur. I mean, 'Anthony' and 'Andy' sound sort of alike. And I do know how to juggle. But not like this guy... Check it...

Yeah, that's not me. I can do several three ball variants. Used to be able to do a five ball multiplex. But not reliably. And I stress the 'used to' part of my statement.

This is also not me:

That's Bruce Lee. Playing ping pong. With nunchucks. I play ping pong with a paddle and still manage to miss more often than not.

Neither am I this girl:

I don't know who she is. But definitely not me. Although I have ridden a unicycle, I was also accused by my Wii Fit of falling a lot when I try to walk. And it was right.

So, to recap... You Should Not Confuse Andy With Anthony Gatto, Bruce Lee, unicycling Oklahoma girl who balances stuff on her head, or anyone else possessing coordination.

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