Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Once Upon a Time

"Okay," I told my son. "The card says we have to end the story with 'And when her father saw her babies he knew he had to allow the marriage.' That means you can't kill the father. Or his daughter."

"Right," he said, sounding like he'd already forgotten sabotaging our last attempt at co-operative Once Upon A Time with just such a move not five minute before.

I played my first card, establishing that there once was an old man with a beautiful daughter.

"And he was blind!" My son threw down the blindness card and I closed my eyes for a second.

"And he was blind." I flicked the cure card onto the pile. "So she went on a quest to find a cure so that when she has babies, he'll be able to see them."

Kiddo's mouth made a little 'o' as he slowly realized he'd made our goal harder to reach. But it was okay, the girl had a reason to go out and meet her love interest now. "She heard that there was a cure in the castle."

"So she sailed down the river toward the castle..."

Kiddo grinned. "But she was stopped by... a fiend!"

"The instant the fiend stepped foot on her boat, he fell madly in love with her."

Kiddo stopped grinning. "What?"

I smiled. "The fiend saw her and fell madly in love."

"But he's a fiend!"

My smile got wider. "Welcome to paranormal romance."

"But... A fiend!"

"Yes. A fiend. Who's in love with the girl on the quest. You can see why her father will object."

And thus began half an hour of me trying to arrange for the fiend and the girl to have kids while my son tried to break them apart.

They ended together, with her dad coming around like the card said. Kiddo wasn't happy I pulled that off though. I'm pretty sure we're never going to become a mother-son novel writing team. :)

(Note: if you're not familiar with the game Once Upon a Time, here's a link: Atlas Games, Once Upon a Time. We've been playing a modified version where players take turns playing cards rather than interrupting each other. This has helped with the problem the kiddo has with catching when he can play interrupt cards. We're still working on his sense of narrative though. :)

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