Thursday, July 29, 2010

All Smoke and No Fire

I knew who was at the door before I answered it. I'd hoped they wouldn't come, that the message not to had gotten to them in time. Apparently not. Or maybe they just felt like coming anyway. Because I'm sure it's awesome fun to put on fifty pounds of protective gear and ride around in hundred degree heat.

“Hey...” I gave the firemen on the porch a nervous smile. “I'm so sorry.”

“Is everything okay?” the oldest one asked. I assumed he was the one in charge and focused on him, even though the one beside him was cuter.

“Yeah. It was a false alarm.” Which, you know, explained why the building wasn't on fire. “I canceled it as soon as it went off and called, but they'd already alerted you... I'm really sorry.”

“It's okay,” said the cute one.

The older one nodded agreement and took out a pen. He looked like he expected me to say something else.

“Yeah, um... I burnt lunch. There was a lot of smoke. But just smoke.”

They all smiled like it happened all the time. Which it probably does. It's actually kind of amazing that I'd gone as long as I had without the fire department making an appearance considering how bad I am at cooking.

When I told my husband he'd have a message on his phone from the alarm monitoring company, he asked, “What were you cooking? Water?” Which wasn't very nice of him but wasn't all sarcasm either. I actually did set off an alarm boiling water once.

So... First item on my People Not To Confuse With Andy list:

Julia Childs
Or anyone else who can competently use a kitchen

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