Monday, June 14, 2010

What's In a Name?

Okay... So... There are apparently fifty million dead-girl books being queried right now. Mine's having trouble standing out. (Seriously? After I spent years on it because everyone was saying not to bother with my Weres or my vampires because those are too common? Good grief!) I don't think it's helping that the title's pretty overdone. No, I can't think of anything named just plain SHADOW but there are a lot of books out there with that word in the title.

So... Not saying that changing my title is going to solve all my problems, but I'm thinking it can't hurt. So I'm looking for something that conveys some of my MC's personality. I asked her opinion and she suggested I'D RATHER BE DEAD.

When I asked Facebook and Twitter, folks seemed to like it. But then my sister suggested I'D RATHER NOT BE DEAD, presumably because the MC isn't all that stoked about being in the ghost realm. (Which is called Shadow, that's where the old title came from.)

My sister made some suggestions. Her favorite was SLIP KNOT, which is cool but more of a thriller title. One of her other suggestions struck a chord with me though and that was DEAD AND CONFUSED.

So... I ask the world, what do you think?

+++Thanks for your interest, but the poll has been closed. Please see next entry for the winner.+++

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