Thursday, March 4, 2010

Still Thinking About Ice

After he read my last post, my beloved made two comments. (Out loud, obviously he didn't use the form or you could see them there. =)

His first comment was that the hosts weren't saying, "Hat." The plastic thingy wedged into the ice is a hack. But I didn't feel like stopping the entire class to ask about that, so at the time I was writing about I was stuck on, "Hat doesn't seem right, but both of them said it several times..."

His other comment was that curling teams aren't called teams, but rinks. However, curlers know what you mean when you refer to a curling team and non-curlers would assume a curling rink was the building. Which it can also be. Although most people call the building a club. And the ice itself can be called a rink, although it's usually called a sheet. Confused? Check out Wikipedia's curling glossary.

However, if you haven't seen Stephen Colbert's pre-Olympic meet with the US men's curling team, watch that first. It's funnier. =)

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note: If that really was Mr. Colbert's first throw, I'm impressed. He looked a lot better than I did! Not as good as my beloved, but my beloved gets paid to teach people skiing so his balance skills are super-human.

Also note: I love the Curling To The Limit song! *g*

Also also note: If you like sports comedies and want to learn more about curling, you should track down a copy of Men With Brooms. Yep, there's a curling movie. And it's a pretty decent one too.

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