Sunday, January 17, 2010

Play Ball!

I'm watching the Vikings trounce the Cowboys, which puts me in a good mood even though my own beloved Ravens fell to Indy yesterday. After the first touchdown, my husband was making fun of Favre's reaction, saying he looked way too happy. And he had a point, Favre was stoked enough you'd think they just won the game not merely been the first team to score. But I liked it. Favre's enthusiasm has always been my favorite thing about him. Even with the saga of his re-retirements, I've never doubted that he loves the game. We wouldn't have witnessed that saga if he didn't.

As I watched him after the most recent touchdown, I realized the game was actually demonstrating what I was blogging about yesterday. Brett Favre knows how to play.

Now, in football, the verb “play” is used no matter what you do, but Favre is a master of having fun. And I think that's why he's so good at the rest of it.

In contrast, look at Romo. Tony Romo's not a bad quaterback, and I hate the Cowboys so you know I mean it when I say that. I'm betting he likes his job too. I'm sure he cares about what he's doing and I've certainly seen him get emotional about it, like that time he sat down on the field and cried after loosing an important game by making too many mistakes. But while I've seen him demonstrate misery incarnate on several occassions, I don't think I've ever seen him cloaked in the “Holy Shit, this is FUN!” arura Favre wears so often. Sure, I've seen him happy, but not in the same way. And I think it's because when Romo's on the field, he's at work.

Obviously, I know neither of these men. I could be way off. But that's sure what it looks like to me. And even if Romo weren't a Cowboy, I'd much rather be Favre.

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