Monday, January 11, 2010

Chill, Girl!

I've been productive today.

I rewrote a part Shadow's ending that was bugging the heck out of me without me realizing it before the weekend. I rewrote all three lengths of my synopsis enough to reflect that. And I rewrote my query based on feedback from Jodi Meadows, who used to screen slush for a boutique agency and thus really knows what she's on about.

No, I'm not sending the query out yet. For one thing, word is there's a query-flood on right now. But more importantly, there are a few other things I want to tweak in my story. And I need to work on my plan of who to send the shiny new query for the improved less-lame version of my story out to. And I need to keep an eye on myself and make sure I don't screw up my basic query trying to personalize it.

There are people out there who think it's acceptable to write “Dear Agent” and cc the query to as many addresses as they can find. These people are wrong. However, I tend to go overboard in the other direction. I don't just write a name, I also write why I'm writing to this person specifically. I praise blogs and Twitter feeds and the books on the agent's list. I think it comes across as just too much. I fear I sound fake. That really bothers me because it isn't fake. If I gush at you, I mean it. But there's no way for a stranger to know that, no reason for them not to simply lable me a suck up.

So, world, here's another little detail about me... If I sound merely polite, feel free to suspect my words. They're probably still sincere, but they're schooled and overthought. If I sound like a crazed tween in awe of the Jonahs Brothers... Well, I'd never try to sound that stupid on purpose, so what you're seeing is the uncensored me. Feel free to think I'm annoying, just don't think I'm dishonest.

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