Monday, October 26, 2009

Breaking Silence

Yes, I have been a bad blogger... It's the twenty-sixth and this is the first post of the month. Oh, dear...

I have excuses, of course. My parents brought my grandmother out to visit me the first week of the month. Then after three days that were supposed to be restful when orignally planned, but weren't because other people kept scheduling fun things for me to do, I flew to New York.

Yep, I was in New York City for a week. (More rambling about that is available on my livejournal.) No, I didn't sell my book or find representation for it, didn't even try to get a meeting with anyone in the publishing industry. I was visiting my sister, who lives in Brooklyn, and my goals for the week were hanging out with her and letting my son explore. It was a great success. So much so that my son wants to move to New York. ASAP.

I came home a week ago. And slept until Friday. Not continually, but close enough. I was tired. And maybe sick. Toward the end of the week, I started reading and went through several novels. I'll count that as work because if I don't, then I did nothing productive at all.

Obviously, I'm a little behind on the whole writing-thing this month though. It's not just this blog that's been neglected. I haven't posted on LiveJournal. I haven't Tweeted as much as usual. I've fallen behind on Facebook. And I've made very little progress finishing the current edit of SHADOW. (I did the hard part before my folks arrived, but the easy part has been sitting there waiting.)

I'm slowly getting back into my groove. I need to get on my feet, get the house clean, and be ready to start National Novel Writing Month on Sunday. But more on NaNo later... I have editing to finish.

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