Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Who is Andrea Brokaw?

So, I've got this line in my query letter about going to my website to learn more about me. But there's not actually much about me here. This strikes me as a problem.

I was going to ask folks for a list of things I should mention in a biographical post or a FAQ, but then it occurred to me that it would be more fun to put up a "What others say about Andy," post. So... If someone asked you, "Do you know Andy Brokaw? What can you tell me about her?" what would you say?

I'm letting my son (Eric, age seven) go first...

"She's very nice and sweet. I mean, what kind of not-nice person would get her son his favorite candy almost everytime she goes to the grocery store?"

So, there we have it. I'm nice, sweet, and wrapped about my kiddo's little finger. What else should people know?

This was originally posted in a different blog. Here are the comments from there:

Kelly Allen:

Hmmm, how about your fear of the cymbal playing monkey?

(Comment response: Trust family to remind you have thirty-year-old terrors!)

Melody Daggerhart:

Hm, hm, hm … Generous and compassionate enough to offer a gift of hope and a shoulder of support during a situation that could have been tragic, was my first impression. Unique enough to appreciate underappreciated things and be true to yourself. Pensive enough to reflect deeply on a matter to try and understand it; creative enough to expand on it in very entertaining ways. =)

(Comment response: Aw! How sweet!)

I want to know more about this cymbal playing monkey....

(Comment response: No, dear, you don't. It is an evil and horrible monkey! Evil and horrible in a not-good way.)

Ander is a lot like me... only the best parts of me. She has an open mind and an open heart. She's more gentle than I am, and nicer. She's probably nicer than you, too.

Y'know, Ander is the type that has long hair down to her waist. She grows it out because she likes having long hair, scupper the fashion of the week. Never does much with it, because she's low-maintenance, but just *has* it. And enjoys it.

(Knowing my luck, she'll probably send me a recent picture of her, hair cropped into a pixie cut. But personality-wise, the hair is still there, long and loved.)

(Comment response: Well, the hair's neither a in pixie cut nor down to my waist anymore. But it's still just kinda there... =)

When asked to describe my daughter, I do not know what to say. She is a brilliant, clever person that can write a heck of a lot better than her mother, who cannot seem to find the adequate words to describe someone as unique and wonderful as Andrea is.

Andrea is a loving daughter, a devoted mother and rumor has it that her husband is quite happy with her. Overall, she is a smart and creative young woman who I am proud to call daughter.

(Comment response: Aw. Love you too, Mom. *g*)

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